Mer Bleue – A Summer Visit

Mer Bleue – A Summer Visit

We had a few tasks that needed to be attended to in the east end of the city but had them out of the way earlier than expected and ended up having a bit of breakfast in the Orleans Mall. Not gourmet breakfast but we didn’t want much!

A short time later we were off to a summertime visit to the Mer Bleue bog which I try to visit any time that I have some business to do int he east end of the city.

With all of the dry weather that Ottawa has experienced over the past number of weeks, I wasn’t certain what might await us as we took the walk along the boardwalk out into the bog. The water level was definitely lower than the last time that I came to the bog but difficult to compare due to difference in the timing of the visits.

Farther out in the bog, the peat moss visible under the vegetation was drying where normally it would still be like a wet sponge.  The vegetation itself seemed no worse for wear despite the strange Spring and Summer weather we had been having.

Although the sky was less than totally blue (hazy), the temperature was already climbing once again.

There were still plenty of bullrushes for the resident creatures to chew on and plenty of blackbirds to fly from location to location. Nice to see that the bog was still alive and well considering how much other vegetation was beginning to show signs of stress from the heat and lack of rain.

Heading home along Ridge Road, I stopped to capture a few more images of this interesting past of Ottawa’s landscape.

Brown-eyed Susan

Queen Anne’s Lace



Wheat crops in the area were already ripening up and just waiting to be harvested.



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