The Haunted Walk – GH2 Low Light Test

The Haunted Walk – GH2 Low Light Test

I finally got my hands on the Lumix GH2 from Panasonic. I’m very excited with this camera due to its small form, light weight and with an adapter I can use all my Nikon Lens. All the shots are handheld, most unchanged (beyond size reduction) but a few have some minor changes in post to their raw files to JPEG (crop, sharpen, white balance).

The adapter had shown up last week so I was all set.
Now if only I had something to shoot… well my Brother suggested we go on the Haunted Walk in Downtown Ottawa. Sounded like a good Idea so packed up 2 lenses and headed out.

So the Two Lenses I picked where the Noct-Nikkor (58mm f/1.2) and a Nikkor Fisheye (15mm f/2.8). For 90% of the shots I did wide open and you can tell from the pictures which lenses is which (fish eye = wide with barrel distortions).

If you’ve seen this dog haunting your place, please give the owners a call…

Overall the tour was interesting, our guide (pictured above) carved a path around downtown Ottawa, stopping briefly to tell a gruesome tale.

Initially I tried to use the fisheye as much as possible at the start of the tour, as I knew as the sky got darker even f/2.8 wouldn’t be fast. But the sun fell and I mainly relied on the Noct.

Apparently a particularly haunted window.

Next Page will have some Nightime shots as the City goes dark.

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