Car repairs are not fun!

May 25th, 2011
Arrived at the dealership about 9 A.M. to have my car looked at with respect to a code light and sluggish acceleration/shifting. Brent, told me that although they had said that I should bring my car in early in the morning, it would be necessary to leave the vehicle there all day because they had no idea when it would actually be looked at in the garage. Although, I could have availed myself of their shuttle service to get me home, I opted to take my camera and go for a walk along Wellington to photograph a number of the fire hydrant statues/ornaments that were placed along that street in recent years. Returned to the dealership at about 11AM. Service personnel still had no idea when my car might be looked at. Suggested probably not until after lunch. Out I went for a walk over to MEC to look at some sporting goods and then to a few more stores and then back to the dealership. 1:30PM and still no idea! 2:30PM STILL NO IDEA when my car might be looked at. Off I went to look at cycling equipment at Bushtukah. Now 3PM and decided to start writing this blog entry for today while I’m still waiting!

3:45pm – diagnosis delivered – defective knock sensor – replacement recommended as a short term plan.
4:45pm. Car ready to go.

What an annoying way to spend a day – waiting for the unknown.

Other issues were identified that should eventually be addressed which means that, although I expect the car will be fine for quite a while, I’m now in the market for a new car! I normally keep my cars for 10 years or 200,000 km or so. Since the current one is 10 years old and is at about 225,000km, I can’t really complain but ….Car repairs and shopping for new cars are two things that I am not passionate about :-). Window shopping for bikes, canoes, kayaks, and camera equipment all rank higher on the enjoyment scale!

PS Photos of the hydrant things will be loaded as a separate blog entry.

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