Maplelawn Garden, 529 Richmond Road, Ottawa

Maplelawn garden is an approximately 1 acre site adjacent to Richmond Road at Broadview. (Location) It is a National Capital Commission property maintained by a volunteer group, the Friends of the Maplelawn Garden. The garden is a walled garden dating from the 1830’s when the property and the gardens were developed by Scottish immigrant William Thomson. The garden is walled on three sides by a rough limestone wall.

Inside those walls is a four-square plan of flower beds which, at his time of the year, are in full bloom with a variety of spring flowering bulbs such as tulips beginning to give way to the early blooming varieties of iris and other perennials.

In my case, I was busy on my hands and knees photographing the many Spring blooms with their dramatic colours, but for those who just like to sit and watch the garden activity there is a choice of benches wonderfully located to provide shade while still allowing a good panoramic view of the gardens and their many colours.

A wide variety of insects visit the flowers in the gardens, and this tiny hover fly insisted on being in my photos.

At one end of the garden, a dense lilac hedge and a large crabapple tree provide a blend of delightful aromas.

Maplelawn, a delightful historic garden in the nation’s capital. A great place to visit.

Update: May 25, 2012: More Maplelawn visits.

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