Bruce Pit Dog Park, Ottawa, Ontario

My wife was visiting a friend in nearby hospital so that gave a bit of time to break in a new pair of shoes. I headed over to the Bruce Pit (Location) and started walking. Part of the Bruce Pit area around the ‘lake’ is leash-only area for dogs but adjacent to the lake is a large area of both open grasslands as well as wooded trails where dogs get to romp freely with their owners enjoying the fresh air and sunshine without being tethered to their animal. The Bruce Pit Dog Park is likely the most popular off-leash site in Ottawa with a similar park at Conroy Pit coming a close second. The parking lot is always full on weekends and very busy the rest of the week. Admission to the dog park is FREE!

I didn’t have a dog with me but no one complained and I like dogs so got to greet quite a few as I walked along the wooded trails at the perimeter of the Bruce Pit Dog Park.

Closer to the parking lot there is a nice open meadow-like area where dogs were chasing balls, frisbees and whatever else their owners cared to throw for them. The owners usually tire first! :-).

Getting there: The Bruce Pit Dog Park is located on Cedarview Road in Ottawa between W. Hunt Club And Baseline. The easiest access to the park is by taking the W. Hunt Club exit off of Hwy. 416 and then driving North on Cedarview Road. Cedarview Road runs parallel to Hwy. 416 at this point and can also be accessed from Baseline Road but the intersection is a bit more complex at the Baseline end. (Location)

Conroy Pit: Another large leash-free area for dog owners and their pets is at Conroy Pit on the east end of Ottawa.


Plenty of dog ideas from Amazon.


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