Baldwinsville, New York

This trip the weather was generally not the best (an understatement). Overcast, marginally above freezing, and every so often a bit of a short-lasting snow shower to break the monotony 🙂

I had been told that there was a nice nature center in the area of Baldwinsville but before heading out to the trails, I stopped for a walk around the town to see the architecture, to take a look at a few of the early Spring-flowering bulbs. The flowering period in Baldwinsville was about two weeks ahead of the same species where I live, so nice to see the colour of the daffodils and tulips even if not plentiful yet.

Of course, whenever I can’t find colourful flowers to photograph, I can be convinced to photograph substitutes.

Not quite as interesting as the Fire Hydrant art that I found in Winnipeg, Manitoba a few years ago but definitely bright enough to brighten a cold, Spring day.

The village of Baldwinsville is at one of the locations on the Eire Canal where a lock is in operation during the boating season to get boaters past a set of rapids in the Seneca River.

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