Polar Bear Jump – New Years Day – Ottawa

Polar Bear Jump – New Years Day – Ottawa

In support of Stopping Children’s Cancer, SEARS holds the Great Canadian Chill. This year, the event was located at Britannia Beach. (Location) The Great Canadian Chill is basically a Polar Bear Jump. Similar to a Polar Bear Swim except that, instead of running into the cold water, you jump in.

So the basic set-up is similar to ice fishing, cut a hole in the ice. In this case, the hole was about 2m by 4m and had two ladders leading out.

What better way to ring in the New Year than jump into a frozen river, in only your bathing suit? Link to Video

So onward to pictures of the participants!

Afterward is the quick search for your towel and a quick rush back to the heated tents! But of course, you need to hi-five the giant teddy bear mascot!

Graeme did take some video which we’ll post separately with some additional shots!

Link to Video and Additional Photos

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  1. Ron says:

    As long as the world does not come to an end before January 1st, 2012 another dip will occur.
    The info that I have comes from:

    Sara Forbes | Communications Manager
    InField Marketing Group | The Great Canadian Event Series
    (O) 905.282.0770 ext 297 | (C) 416.301.2921
    5-2735 Matheson Blvd. E. | Mississauga, ON | L4W 4M8
    Please call Chloe at 1.855.93.CHILL (24455) to register at your earliest convenience.

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