Old Quarry Trail, Kanata

Old Quarry Trail, Kanata (Location)

Nice temperatures and a perfect blue sky was all that I needed to head over to the Old Quarry Trail by the Hazeldean Mall with carrots in one pocket and sunflower seeds in the other pocket.

There were plenty of young children on the trails today, some with a daycare group and others with family members.

Unlike a previous visit when I was surrounded by deer, this time out, I only saw six deer on the trail today, and I had more carrots than I needed so passed them over to another photographer who happened along on his lunch break.

The warm end-of-year temperatures melted most of the snow and then a light snowfall came down yesterday to cover over the icy spots. This made footing a bit tricky in some areas but also made access to some locations much easier.

The blue sky shot that starts this blog entry was shot as a reference to check later at home to see if my sensor needed any cleaning. The small plane crossing into the frame was a bonus. I’m really impressed at how well the vibrating mechanism in the D300 keeps the sensor clean. I’m assuming that more modern versions will do just as well if not better. Since I can sometimes change lenses a dozen or more times during a longer trail walk (wide-angle, telephoto, macro) on a summer day, it is really great news that small bits of dust get vibrated off of the sensor so efficiently.

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