S.P.C.A. Outaouais: Fund-Raising Modelshoot

S.P.C.A. Outaouais: Fund-raising ModelShoot

The S.P.C.A. held a modelshoot to raise funds for animal vaccines. The idea was to go to a Boat and Gym to take pictures of models and give a donation to the charity. I couldn’t resist bringing the infrared camera with me, puts some of the pictures into a pre-Halloween frame of mind.

We were hosted by http://www.ottawaboatcruise.com/ who happily provided a massive double decker boat for the shoot.

First model up was A.G. on the bow of the double decker boat for some shots in normal colour spectrum and then with my Nikon D70S – IR.

Model A.G. on the Bar

We then moved inside where model A.G was Joined with Model Y.B.

Head Shot of Model Y.B. inside the ship near one of the staircases.

After that Model R.S.J. wanted some shots, she is also one of the organizers of the event.

Afterwards everyone packed up and headed one block over to Gym Xtreme where the models got into some fitness clothing. I snagged model I.S. for various shoots around the gym.

A little mirror fun

Again Y.B. being the only male model there I got them creatively to fit on one piece of gym equipment. It did take some ingenuity to get them both in and out of position.

Eventually we rotated and I got J.L. and did some more Mirror shots.

It was quite a fun day and shoot, hopefully we raised a good chunk of cash for animals in need and everyone got some nice shots out of it.

Technical Note:

Some of the pictures were taken with the D70s-IR camera, modified to shot 665nm and higher.  It only sees into the photographic range of infrared. In order to modify the camera, one can send ther camera into LifePixel and they can convert your camera into the IR spectrum (FYI – I choose “Enhanced Colour”, now they have Super Colour which looks tempting).

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