Stonehaven Manor/Apartments Ribbon Cutting

Stonehaven Manor/Apartments Ribbon Cutting

Stonehaven Manor/Apartment got the official ribbon cutting accomplished for their new multistorey apartment addition but not before a barbershop quartet had wooed all the young ladies with their mellow voices.

My father lives in the Stonehaven Manor section of the complex and guest and residents started assembling at 1PM.

Certain people kept asking me if I wanted more shrimps on a stick, but I managed to control myself after only a few :-).  After that, I was resisting quite well …. until the tray of those chocolate covered cream filled pastry puff balls arrived.  You know, the one-bite size, that melt in the mouth! 🙂

A few of the braver souls were still dancing when the band stopped playing at 4PM or so.

The event was over just in time for supper :-).

Still room for one more of those shrimps!

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