Africa Travel Prep 101 – Visas and Inoculations

Porcupine hair and short quills on back

Africa Travel Prep 101 – Visas and Inoculations

Photography aside for a moment, there is more to do than just pick (or buy) the lens you are going to take with you on your safari. Depending on where you are from, you need to get your visas in order and your inoculations up to date.

Kenya and Tanzania required that we get visas in order to visit those countries. Check with the Embassy/High Commission in your country and get them early as they can easily take a week for each country. They are working towards a unified visa for some blocks of countries in Africa but that is still a ways off.

Its funny how every time I want to visit a new continent, I need another set of shots for various diseases and viruses that inhabit the same region (for Africa, Yellow Fever). Add to that any shots you need as part of a regimen that keeps you safe at home and a trip to the doctor’s can make you feel like a pincushion.

Its amazing how many spots they can find on your arm to stick a needle, I’m just glad they stuck to just the arms, this time. And for the record, I had to get four shots yesterday so I was sore today.

But now that that is all taken care of, I can go back to the question of which lens(es) I’m going to pack…

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