Animals to Photograph on Safari

Young Giraffe - Audubon Zoo - New Orleans

Animals to Photograph on Safari

As we prepare to go on our trip, I’m starting to develop a “hit list” of animals I want to capture photos and videos of (in the wild, outside of a zoo) while on our Safari. Of course, the “Big Five” come to mind, but there are some other animals I would love to get pictures of while in Africa.

Cheetah – I have yet to get a picture of a cheetah in my collection. What I’m hoping for on this safari is to get some footage of one in action (running down some prey).

Gazelles & Impalas – Also a fast land animals, hopefully I will get some nice herd photo with the african background. Maybe even some action with the cheetah and I’d be one step closer to my own personal wildlife documentary…

Zebras – Initially I wanted to know if their stripes would show up in Infrared Photography, but due to an interesting coincidence I now know they will. Still I would like to see some on the Safari.

In order video that isn’t blurry of these fast hunters and prey I have been looking at inexpensive high-speed cameras, the Casio EX-FH100 looks like it fits the bill. It was well reviewed and at VGA quality 120fps at 10x it looks like winner in my books if I can get my hands on it before we go. Unfortunately its a bit hard to find in Canada at the right price (lowest I found was +$400) so I may need to do a quick jaunt down to the US to get it within my budget.

For slower animals I want to definitely get some Hippopotamus and Pink Flamingos shots, both fascinating water based creatures that I’m told should be readily visible and available to shoot on our safari as we will pass by various water holes that attract animals. Maybe we will even see a crocodiles?

In addition I would really like to see some herds of Giraffe, I’m surprised they didn’t make the “Big Five” list ousting the African Buffalo.

Finally there are a bunch of other smaller critters and reptiles I would like to get photos of, I don’t know their names, nor already have pictures of them but I’ll literally shot anything that moves, and even things that don’t.

I know Ron will have his own list and will be more focused towards birds than I will be.

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