Porter Mountain, High Peaks Region, Adirondacks, New York State

The easiest way to access the summit of Porter Mountain is via the Cascade Mountain Trail. Approximately .3 miles from the summit of Cascade Mountain the trail to Porter Mountain branches off to the right drops down through a col between the two mountains and then climbs up to the summit of Porter Mountain. The section of the trail through the col is definitely less traveled than the main Cascade Mountain trail, is much more densely forested, is narrower and more shaded. The evidence of the rainfall of the day before was still present and some sections of this part of the trail were quite slippery.

Part way up the Porter Mountain trail, there are good open views back toward Cascade Mountain and the open rockface route to the summit is clearly visible.

Views from the summit and along the way provide good looks at the surrounding mountains and the Keene Valley.

Of course, stopping along the way to try to photograph a butterfly is always allowed as is stopping at the summit for a good look around before heading back down.

When you’re on top of a mountain it is sometimes hard to decide to come down.

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