Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Got all my ducks in a row

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Some days, when I am out photographing, everything just lines up right and I have no problem getting the shot that I want. On other days, nothing seems to go right.

During this particular vacation, I fought with a cactus (puncture wounds treated with antibiotic), got caught by a wave while swimming in a shallow water situation and crashed against some coral (cuts and abrasions sterilized with Dominican rum), got some sand caught under a sandal strap while walking a few miles along the beach (more abrasions and antiseptic), but at least I have no sunburn stripes and peeling to show off this time around.

To substitute for the peeling, here is a shot of a small lizard in the process of molting.

Just as I was approaching a large tree, this little lizard came out of a small hole near the base. It didn’t race away in a hurry but rather just kept going around to the other side of the tree trunk each time that I tried to move in a bit closer to take its picture.
Lizard Molting - Punta Cana 2009

Bananaquit: There were lots of these little birds around but seeing them and photographing them were two quite different challenges Whenever I had the camera with me, they seemed to find a shaded, tangled web of vegetation to sit in and were constantly flitting about. This is a new one to add to my list.
Bananaquit- Punta Cana 2009

Bananaquit - Punta Cana 2009

I don’t have an i.d. guide for lizards so you can call this one Charlie if you like or maybe he’s a she in which case Liz might do.
Lizard with striking markings

Hispaniolan Woodpecker:

Another first for me. This one is the female of the species. THere were males in the area but none would pose for me.
A female Hispaniolan Woodpecker

A female Hispaniolan Woodpecker



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