Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Heading Home)

If you slip and miss the floor you end up in the pond.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Heading Home)

Tough to head home to winter weather and slippery footing after spending a week having fun in the sun, but someone has to do it!

“Don’t worry!” “I won’t be long.” “Just a few more photos” “I’ll be back before the bus gets here.” 🙂

My hats off to the staff.
Straw Hat Vendor - Alcazar de Colon (Palacio de Diego Colon), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

They did a great job keeping the beach clean.

They also did a great job trying to get me to understand one new word of Spanish each day while cleaning up our dishes.

I had fun trying to get them to comprehend winter temperatures and snow while they were warning of the dangers of too much heat and sunshine :-).

Of course, the wildlife might miss all of the attention that I was paying them.

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