Friends of the Jock River Outing, Richmond, Ontario

Friends of the Jock River Outing, Richmond, Ontario

The Jock River is a beautiful bit of water flowing through the village of Richmond, Ontario and then past many new and older homes of the southern edges of Ottawa, Ontario before emptying into the Rideau River. Each Spring, it is the site of the Jock River Canoe/Kayak Race. On this occasion, I was joining up with some “Friends of the Jock River” for a little canoe outing a few weeks after the canoe race when the Spring meltwaters had passed and the river was far more tranquil than on race day.

A short distance upstream from Richmond, Ontario, the Jock River passes first through a bit of farm land and then you become immersed in the depths of the Richmond fen, a section of bog land, marsh, and forest that is flooded each Spring and then bursts forth in healthy green once the weather warms and the Spring flood waters subside.

Access to the fen is by canoe or kayak and a few dead falls and old beaver dams work hard to impede access but are easy to get around.

It is always nice get out for a canoe day-trip with like-minded individuals and the Jock River and the Friends of the Jock River made things interesting.

The tough thing is usually deciding how far to go before turning around and leaving the fen alone again for the entertainment of the creatures that call it their permanent home.

With the gentle current pushing us along to our landing point, the only thing left to do was to safely make the final turn.

The weather cooperated. Everyone made it back safely. The end of another successful day out on the water.





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