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Kingdom of Osgoode 2013 (Saturday & Sunday)

Kingdom of Osgoode 2013 (Saturday)

(update – July 31st – Graeme has added more images from the Sunday event including a video at the end of this post. I still have some images to add to the Saturday portion of the post. Put a new hardwood floor into my home office and still looking for things in my reorganized space so might still be awhile before I get back to updating the blog entries :-).- RON)

After watching one of Graeme’s volleyball matches at the H.O.P.E Volleyball event at Mooney’s Bay, I headed south to the Kingdom of Osgoode (Kingdom website) to photograph the events at that location.


More photos to follow early next week (perhaps sooner). Like the juggler, I too am doing a bit of a juggling act this weekend as I try to get to three different events over a twenty-four hour period.


Each year that I go to the Kingdom, I try to focus on the fashion.  Sometimes the guys’ outfits get the attention.  Other times, it is the finery of the ladies.  This year was no different.  So what, you might ask, were the ladies wearing this fine, sunny, HOT afternoon. Here is a selection.

RON_4410-young-girl  RON_4356-clothing

RON_4375-Hair  RON_4380-early-technology

RON_4383-parasols  RON_4386-parasol

Most times, I have been busy photographing something somewhere else on the Kingdom grounds when the trebuchet (trébuchet) demonstration was underway so, this time around, I made a point of being in the right place at the right time. The Trebuchet is a Middle Ages catapult-style siege machine used to hurl hefty objects (large rocks, for instance) at the enemy lines or enemy fortifications.  In the Kingdom demonstrations, 10 pound rocks were hurled the length of the jousting arena.



As the arm of the trebuchet is released, the basket counterweight moves downward as a result of gravity and the catapult arm pivots skyward.


When the arm reaches the vertical, the object (in this case, the ten pound boulder) continues its arched flight out towards the enemy.

RON_4401-trebujet-2  RON_4400-trebujet

Definitely interesting to see a full-sized trebuchet in action.  Not something that I would like to face if I were the enemy!

Not everything in the Kingdom was for adults.  Some things only children can really truly enjoy but walking across a chess board among knee high chess pieces can be exciting.

RON_4379-chessmen  RON_4403-Ring-toss

In the adult section, discussion of real archery was underway while at the children’s section, one little girl decided that it was just as easy to deliver the arrow’s suction cup to its target in person.

RON_4385-archery  RON_4402-Archery

A few fashion statements from the male side of the roster.

RON_4371-Finger-protection  RON_4362-arrmor

RON_4384-Archer  RON_4406-Regent


More Saturday images still to come – stay tuned   ==== Ron


Kingdom of Osgoode 2013 (Sunday)

Graeme attended the second day of the festival to capture some video of the day’s events (see below), in the meantime, here are some photos he took of various event goers.

The King and his Royal Entourage


Story Time in the Kingdom of Osgoode


Alimah DancersDSC00012

Here is the Video from this year’s event.

Link to Previous Years’ Coverage

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