Ottawa weather – February 11, 2013

Ottawa weather – February 11, 2013


It’s been an all too familiar scene recently.  Snow is falling once again this morning and the temperature is expected to rise to about +1C by the end of day. Of course, when snow is falling in the morning and the temperatures is rising a few degrees during the day, the outcome is often a slippery, messy one and it looks like today will be such a day.  It is 9AM and a freezing rain warning is in effect!

I know that it wasn’t a good thing for me to comment yesterday on how nicely I had shoveled the last vestiges of the last snowfall off of my driveway and onto the piles growing beside the driveway (one now exceeds six feet near the roadway!).

Tomorrow is forecast to be a bit warmer, still.  Certainly hope that it is warm enough to melt whatever falls today.  I am beginning to tire of the act of shoveling snow, regardless of how much exercise it might provide!

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