New England Trip 2012 – Day 2 – Lake George

New England Trip 2012 – Day 2 – Lake George

By the time that we got to Lake George, we were tried and a bit hungry.  We really hadn’t traveled very far but we had stopped at plenty of locations to look around and take photos.

At this time of the year, sunset is at about 6 PM so realistically I have to pull out the tripod about 5PM or stop taking pictures.  I didn’t take out my tripod when we arrived at Lake George because our interest was in finding a restaurant that was open. In what became a recurring event during this late October trip, we found plenty of eating establishments but most were closed for the season.

The area around Lake George saw many a battle between the Americans, the British and the French and I had a tough time figuring out who was fighting whom at any given point in time in history in this area of the country but there are plenty of forts and battlefields to visit if one is interested in such things.

After walking along the lake shore for a bit, we gave up on the idea of finding a lake shore restaurant that was open, and headed off in the direction of Glens Falls where we found a wonderful restaurant in one of the malls.

It had been an interesting day and weather had certainly cooperated for Day 2. Day three would feature drizzle!

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