Kingdom of Osgoode 2012

Kingdom of Osgoode 2012

Well, it’s July of another year and once again Graeme and I were able to travel to a mystical place (location) to enjoy the dancing, the sword fighting, the jousting and the many other things that were happening this weekend (July 6-8, 2012) at the Kingdom of Osgoode.

The King was there and was kind enough to inform me that some of his normal entourage were unfortunately detained and not yet present. Some mention was made of a dungeon but I cannot divulge more.

No horsin’ around though, the reason why many folks came to the Kingdom of Osgoode was to see the jousting. Some jousting there was, so just hitch your horse to the hitching post and settle into a nice comfortable spot and let the show begin.

If you happen to be one of the peasantry, you get to stand for the show but, if you are lucky and invited into the royal box, you get both a seat and a bit of shade!

Those who get the best view of the action, but also get to eat a bit of dust, just stand around in the infield waiting to do important things. They definitely don’t get to wear the armor :-).


A bit of friendly banter and some competitive horsemanship  starts things off in the jousting arena to let the spectators chose sides and to let the horses and knights get warmed up a bit.



The first part of the competitive games requires the rider to retrieve some rings  while the second test involves throwing the sharp end of a spear at a target on a bale of hay.



Let the jousting begin!

No one was unseated from their horse this session, but a certain t-shirt did leave the announcer speechless. Unlike Las Vegas, such t-shirts were not available in the Kingdom of Osgoode but, for a certain currency of the realm $$$, spectators were given the opportunity to ride one of the Knight’s (horses).


And what, you might wonder was the visiting king doing while all this jousting and chivalry was being displayed. Well, he was honing his skills and hanging out with the archery and trebujet folks and wondering how many more subjects might need to be put into stocks if someone didn’t soon volunteer to help him find his arrows!


It was a beautiful day for the locals to gather around the merchant tents to find out more about the crafts and to listen to the stories or even to buy a trinket or two.


Some folks got to watch the instruments while others such as Toft , the basket weaver, tried to measure me for a basket while discussing ‘toft and croft’ agriculture design. I decided to stick with my camera bag for a while longer and also turned down the offer of some pixie ears from another booth :-).


At the Blacksmith shop the heat was just being turned up even though no more heat was really needed.  It was a sunny 30C with a nice breeze blowing!


Once again this year, the Celtic Sea provided an bit of afternoon music, jugglers juggled, magicians surprised, dancers danced and the pickle folks offered pickles :-).





As the dancing began in earnest,  certain visitors turned away when they saw all of that shakin’ goin’ on.



She was last seen muttering how hot black could be and was looking for a place to escape all of that heathen activity and buy a nice cold mug of holy water :-).

Meanwhile in another area of the Kingdom, combatants were gearing up in equally hot metal garments to slash at each other with some heavy-looking swords.


I pronounce thee dead!

I think that that was my cue to leave, so thus ended another good day for me in the Kingdom of Osgoode. Others would need to get those shots that I missed. My ride was on its way.


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