Canada Day 2012 – Kanata Fireworks and Stage Show

Canada Day 2012 – Kanata Fireworks and Stage Show

Update: June 30, 2013

Click here for information about Kanata 2013 Canada Day Activities.


I can remember a time when getting a spot to sit on the toboggan hill to watch the Canada Day celebrations at Kanata’s Walter Baker Park was fairly easy. Since then, Kanata’s population has doubled, or more, and with perfect weather, this year’s celebration was watched by a huge crowd and every blade of grass on the hill was taken long before the fireworks began.

Canada Day weekend, for me was an interesting time: After camping at Bon Echo Provincial Park for a couple of days, I headed home to the news that my father had been transported to the hospital for observation and some test as a precautionary measure. In the wee hours of the morning, they decided to keep him in the hospital overnight so I headed home. 8AM Canada Day I get a phone call telling me that he has been released back to his residence. A few hours later, I get a call saying that they would like him back again, sooner rather than later, given that Canada Day revelers and Italian soccer fans might need some treatment later in the day. Spent the rest of the daylight hours at the hospital waiting for tests to be done and more results to come back and more test to be done. Come evening my father was once again back at his residence and I was able to get over to Walter Baker Park in Kanata for the latter part of the Kim Mitchell main stage performance and the fireworks that followed. Weather was perfect, music was wonderful, and the fireworks went off without a hitch. Happy Canada Day everyone.

The main stage entertainment for this year leading up to the fireworks was Kim Mitchell and the area in front of the stage was packed.


As Kim Mitchell and his troupe finished on stage, all eyes turned skyward as the first volley of the evening’s fireworks display began to fill the sky with light and sound.
It was a wonderful evening, full moon, light breeze, no mosquitoes and mild temperatures.

For a look at least year’s show: Canada Day in Kanata 2011 – Sloan and Kanata Canada Day 2011 Fireworks

P.S. Want some tips on firework photography. Visit my on-line fireworks tutorial. This year, I was in such a rush that I forgot most of my own tips (LOL)

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Update: June 30, 2013 – Information about Kanata 2013 Canada Activities.



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  1. William Hay says:

    You are such a good son to Dad. Thanks for the emails letting me know the progress every few hours. Glad all turned out well. Love the pics. Great show! Happy Canads Day!

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