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Wawa, Ontario Tourist Points of Interest – Silver Falls

Wawa, Ontario Tourist Points of Interest – Silver Falls

Silver  Falls is the overflow spillway of the Mission Hydroelectric Generating Station and changes in waterflow can occur without warning at any time of the year. Signs with stern warnings about the possible dangers of being in the area of the riverbed when such level changes occur were in plain sight by the parking lot. With that in mind, and an increased level of alertness, we parked our vehicle in the parking lot and took the short trail down the riverbank as had many, many before us.

The falls tumble through a sharp cut in the hard granite of the Canadian Shield to a level spot and then the waters travel under a bridge before another drop on their way to Lake Superior.  Despite the warning, tourists like me, need to get a better shot than just a bit of foam at the end of a rock cut so off we went out toward the center on a well-traveled sand bar.

Once the river waters have passed under the bridge, they again tumble vigorously downward to another pond at the base of this second falls.

Crossing the bridge brings you to an unmarked trail that leads you to the head of the lower section of the falls and a nice view of the countryside that lies between here and the shores of Lake Superior. The rocks are rough and slippery when wet but the view is marvelous.

It was getting late in the day for us and we were getting hungry so it wasn’t long before we were heading back to the parking lot and planning the best route to a restaurant.

As the fishermen arrived, we took our leave of this wonderful location.



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