Varadero, Cuba – Flora and Fauna

Varadero, Cuba – Flora and Fauna

During our visit to Varadero, Cuba I didn’t see all of the species of birds, reptiles and plants that were there and photographed even fewer species. Many of the species have been included in other blog entries as part of the day’s story. Others didn’t fit elsewhere. This blog entry will serve as a collection point of images of the various species that I photographed. Where I have included the image in another blog, clicking on the image will take you to that blog entry.

Northern Mockingbird –  Mimus polyglottus

Ruddy Turnstone – Arenaria interpres


Killdeer – Charadrius vociferus

Common Ground Dove – Columbina passerina

Mourning Dove – Zenaida macroura

Cattle Egret – Bubulcus ibis

Smooth-billed Ani – Crotophagi ani

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