A Beetle

A Beetle – European Ground Beetle – Purple-rimmed Carabus – Carabus nemoralis

Whenever I go out for one of my nature walks, it seems that I end up with a new creature that I haven’t met before. Today’s new creature is a beetle with a touch of pink/purple on its scutum. A quick search of my insect guides didn’t reveal its name so, for a while, it was in the “unknown species” category. Based on a picture in a European Field Guide that I have, it looked to be a close relative of a European Ground beetle: Carabus nemoralis but with the addition of iridescent pink/purple on the back edges of the scutum. Location: Richmond, Ontario.

Update: Found other information on-line and an excellent photo of the same beetle in a Flickr account that confirms the initial Carabus nemoralis suspicion: http://www.flickr.com/photos/atlapix/2478947552/

Normally, I only photograph insects live in their natural surroundings. Today was a bit of an exception and I have it at home, still alive. It will be returned to its spot tomorrow. An interesting creature to watch. Here is its side profile.




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