Graeme’s Most Popular Videos of 2011

All right, so I made a bunch of internet videos last year (above and beyond my film work with Check It Out Films. In addition some of my 2010 videos are starting to creep up to significant number of views…


First up is last year’s polar bear jump on Jan 1, 2011 it racked in 1152 views over the year. I did another one for the January 01, 2012 Great Canadian Dip event as well and its views are climbing too and will likely be in the listing for my most popular videos of 2012. It can be viewed here: Sears Great Canadian Chill – A Polar Bear Jump – January 1, 2012 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Next up is my most watched video for 2011 is…. Crazy wind day. This was taken right after we finished filming for the day, the wind was so strong that is torn down the Bluesfest stage not 10km away… crazy!

Now as great as 2011 was for the new videos, a lot of people liked several of the 2010 videos I made… starting off with this DIY rolling tripod video (with just over 2500 views.

And finally the big winner, a demo of the new CS5 (now CS5.5, so not so new) rotorbrush tool on one of my first film attempts. It’s view count is OVER 9000!!!!! (yes a dragonball reference…)

So those are the most numerously viewed videos I have made in recent times, a lot of 200-700 views videos but alas I think I’m going to do a lot more product reviews etc.

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Graeme is a traveler who enjoys photographing pretty much anything. He is also the webmaster for
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