Canada Day – July 1st, 2011, The Downtown Sea of Red

The snowbirds flew over twice. They were quick. I got them once.

Shooting from such a distance I was rather happy that I was able to get any shots of the royal couple but with a bit of post-processing I was somewhat successful. Had to really work hard, first of all to see what my target should be. Then I had to wait until someone in front of me got their head out of the way. Then I had to wait for the instance when the lady with the white hat moved a bit to the side. And then….

Once all of the speeches were completed, and the royal couple did another walkabout on the hill and the guns fired another few rounds, the black cars left, the flag, that had been flying atop the peace tower from when William and Kate had arrived on Parliament Hill a couple of hours earlier, was lowered, the crowd dispersed and the rest of Canada Day celebrations got a bit more attention.

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3 Responses to Canada Day – July 1st, 2011, The Downtown Sea of Red

  1. Wendy Hollands says:

    This is wonderful you have many great photos!! I really enjoyed the security ones as we never remember to look at them. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great shots as usual…
    Looking foward to the fireworks photos,
    then I will invite you to a cooking class.
    and thanks for trying to get a photo of me!

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