Shirley’s Bay, Ottawa, Ontario

I started off my travels today by first visiting the area called Shirley’s Bay on the Ottawa River. Considering all of the rain that we had in April, it is not surprising that the bay is much fuller than normal. For those used to skipping stones from the rocky shoreline, seeing the Ottawa River this high at this location still elicits a WOW! response.

While I was there photographing the bay, three fellows came along and launched their boat and another fellow headed off to do some fishing in his kayak. I, meanwhile, headed off to look for some wildlife to photograph.

Although I could hear a number of different birds, seeing them at close range was not easy. Therefore, photographing any of them was out of the question. A chipmunk crossed my path and stopped for a drink. It must have visited a nearby feeder because its cheeks were very full.

A Tree Swallow, all alone on an overhead wire, didn’t budge when I crossed underneath. Looks like it might have been having a bird nap.

A Martin House was still empty although nesting material sticking out one of the openings indicated that perhaps sparrows or starlings might have moved in before the Martins had returned from their southern migration.

Although there were a few other things to photograph, I decided that I might find more to photograph at Andrew Haydon Park or Mud Lake so it wasn’t long before I was back at the car and on my way.

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  1. TFH says:

    Haha, the “other fellow” was my dad!

  2. Kaithy says:


    Great job with your photographers who captures a mind blowing views! I really aapreciated !

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