Astronomy Day 2011

Astronomy Day 2011

Today is Astronomy Day, and the above picture is a shot of the Sun as it rises. Again you can see some sunspots. Once again I was volunteering for the RASC event held at the Canada Museum of Science and Technology. We had two main events, Solar Observing during the day, and Star Party after it got dark.

[Caution: Never Look at the Sun with the naked eye. Always use correct Solar Observing Glasses or Telescopes which are sourced from a reputable supplier/store.]

Solar observing is done using specialized Telescope and Filters.

I couldn’t of course resist taking a picture of the Sun using one of the telescope (I have only been able to make the small solar filter for my camera lenses). You can again see the sunspots from the early morning shot, however they show up on the right hand side of the image. (The Image is upside down as it was taken through a telescope).

I did try some photoshop to make the sun spots show up more clearly, but it does add some fringing.

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