Phoenix, NY

A strong passed overnight knocking down trees in the area but I had decided to stay in a motel instead of risking life in a tent, so like this chimney I survived another night without problems.

Before leaving Baldwinsville, I stopped to take a look at the Maple Hill Manor, a building that appears little changed since it came to life in the mid 1800’s.

As I travel through the countryside, I tend to have a general idea of where I am heading. Occasionally, I have to stop to get my directions fine-tuned :-). Such was the case when I ended up at Wrightway Hardware Store. Maybe it was their Pony Express box at the front door that got my attention since I once owned a bonafide set of Pony Express saddle bags in the ’60s. Stores like this always yield surprises among their many varied items. In this instance, I learned that people who might be buying size 15 yellow rubber boots need to have them labeled ‘right’ or ‘left’ :-).

I didn’t buy a pair of yellow boots but did get some valuable directions and headed off down the road toward Phoenix, NY.Phoenix is a small town on the Oswego River and like all rivers in the area, the Oswego was flowing at full force.

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