Archery – out shopping

My son, Alan, had decided that he would like to try out archery as a sport. There are no archery supply companies located in Ottawa so I sent out a few e-mails to archery clubs in the area to see if I could find where we might go to see what might be available. It’s been 40+ years since I was on my University’s archery team so not much knowledge of modern bows and materials that I can pass along. Saturday, we started out the search for equipment by traveling to the closest shop which was “That Hunting & Fishing Store” in Richmond, Ontario, not too far down the highway from our home in Kanata, Ontario.

While my son discussed types of bows, various draw weights, and the cost of arrows, I took a look at the archery range and wondered, for a moment only :-), whether I might still be able to hit one of those bulls-eyes like I did 40+ years earlier. Only in my dreams!

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