Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society (OVAS) Annual GIANT Auction – 2011

Sunday, March 6TH, 2011 is the day of the Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society (OVAS) Annual GIANT Auction and I will be there hoping to get a good price for the twenty items that I will have up for auction. I will also be selling raffle tickets and doing all sorts of other little things to help the organizers including carrying around my camera. More photos will follow after the auction.

Midnight in my front hallway.


Well, the morning arrived, and, for most of us that meant finding our cars or trucks under the white stuff left behind by an overnight storm.

Then, there was the driving on rather slippery roads which added to everyone’s driving time (and walking time of the walkers). For the folks from Montreal, it was quite a long trip under the circumstances. Nice to see the Montreal contingent arrive safely and raise their hands from time to time but I did miss some of the the other S.A.M. members who couldn’t make the trip this time around.

Once I arrived at the Jack Purcell Center, getting a spot in the parking lot was easy. I arrived quite early when there were lots of spots and very few signs that anyone had yet, arrived. My concern was whether I would be able to get out later if the slush froze solidly around my wheels. Everything was fine though.

Then, there was the rather slushy pathway to the back entrance carrying aquariums through some rather deep, and slippery, slush. Those, who unloaded from the front side of the building, had equally unstable footing of a different nature.

It was early when I got to the auction site, so the tables were nice and clean and uncluttered and the chairs were all empty.

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  2. Andre Martin says:

    Ron, may I use our Auction Chair’s “face” (Randy Moar) from your picture on this page? I needed one for the newsletter that I’m publishing for next week. He didn’t have one available. I “photoshoped” it to remove the mike stand in front of him.
    Let me know…
    Desperate, Andre (ajm1961)

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