Blue Springs State Park – Manatee Come Back

A severe winter storm had moved though the northern US into Ontario and the Maritime Regions shutting down or disrupting air and road traffic from Chicago to New York City and points in between so we were happy to have decided to spend an extra night in Florida but had to head north today. The Manatee, which were hard to find the night before, were back in the warm spring waters in numbers when we went for another look in the morning and, with lighting coming from a different direction, they were a lot easier to see.   (Location)

Both of these park staff members had assured me, the night before, that the best place in the park to see Florida Scrub Jays was right where our tent had been pitched. That didn’t work out the evening when they told me but, after we had our tents packed away in the morning, I was visited by both a Scrub Jay and a Cardinal.




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