Deer on the Old Quarry Trail – Kanata, Ontario

Deer on the Old Quarry Trail – Kanata, Ontario

It was -8C, a light wind was blowing, a few flakes of snow were falling and the deer were there to greet me as I took a brisk walk around the Old Quarry Trail loop of Ottawa’s Greenbelt trail system.

The deer were nibbling on the tips of the junipers when I arrived but happily stopped and came closer for the few chunks of apple that I had brought with me.

This deer is smaller than the rest but holds a special spot for me. It was the runt of the litter when it was born and I photographed it when it was fawn still rather unstable on its skinny legs. Nice to see each year that it is still alive and well.

I usually see plenty of Chickadees on this trail but today there was only one small group that greeted me at the end of the boardwalk. They were happy to take my sunflower seeds but the light was quite low back in the woods so I couldn’t get any good photos of them this time around.

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