Another Snow-free Fall day – Kanata/Nepean, Ontario

Another Snow-free Fall day – Kanata/Nepean, Ontario

It was a nice day (-3C) to be outside in the fresh air as long as you found a bit of shelter from the wind. Unlike other parts of North America, the area around Ottawa has escaped any serious snowfall (so far!). Had a good rainfall this week though, so lots of puddles with coatings of ice and interesting ice patterns.

As I was driving along one of my unmaintained trails, I came to a spot where the rain had flooded a bit of the rutted road and decided to turn back. Couldn’t trust that the frost had firmed up the spot enough and certainly didn’t want to walk a mile to the nearest farmhouse!

It hasn’t been cold enough to freeze larger bodies of water or moving water so still lots of geese and ducks in the area feeding on the corn kernels in the surrounding corn fields.

It won’t likely be long though until the large V’s begin to form and even more of the Canada Geese head south to warmer climates and greener pastures.

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