African Safari – Serengeti – Hyenas

African Safari – Serengeti – Hyenas

After we left the buffalo carcass and the vultures and headed on toward our accommodation for the evening, we passed by a family of hyenas. Tough to see them in the grass at first but when we stopped they began to move away from the road a bit thus offering better positions for photography. We saw them again in the same general area on other days so they had likely set up residence for a while in the nearby clump of bushes.

To finish off the day, we had the treat of seeing this beautiful bustard come out from the grass and pose for its photo. I thouht that our driver had called it a Black-bellied Bastard so had to look up the name in the field guide later!

Black-bellied Bustard (Eupodotis melanogaster)


Our evening’s accommodation:
Seronera Wildlife Lodge

Itinerary description:
The Seronera Wildlife Lodge is located in one of the most important spots of Serengeti National Park, where you can witness an actual kill in the flesh. This area is in the heart of the Serengeti, located in the migratory route, and provides front seat viewing of this extraordinary natural phenomenon. The Lodge is artfully constructed around a rocky outcrop from glass and wood elements, perfectly blending into its surrounding. Next to the lodge lie several waterholes attracting the most amazing animals and providing a unique opportunity for a close encounter with the so called Big Five. From its privileged location, the Seronera’s 75 rooms afford stunning views of over 2.5 million wildebeest as they migrate from Kenya to Lake Victoria to escape the drought.



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