Ottawa Flickr Outing

A nice group of about 25 Ottawa Flickr photographers got together at a local restaurant tonight to discuss just about anything but mostly just about anything camera related.

My preparation for our upcoming trip took a turn for the better when I located an old field guide that I had for the birds of East Africa.

I was able to fit in a bit of badminton today without twisting an ankle or knee but decided, earlier in the day, that I wouldn’t participate in my normal Thursday afternoon indoor soccer match. I figured playing soccer before a trip might be tempting fate just a little too much.

My bags are almost packed. I had decided to take my black fleece just in case it gets cold at night. Mentioned that to someone tonight and they immediately regaled me with stories of their friend who had worn a black fleece on a trip to Africa and found that it attracted every bug in Africa. Hopefully I don’t suffer the same fate.

Let the safari begin :-).

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