African Safari Kenya

African Safari – The Masai River

African Safari – The Masai River

The nice weather continued and our destination for the afternoon was the Masai River, home to many hippopotamus and African crocodiles.

Once we got back into the safari vans, we didn’t have far to drive before finding a couple of lions and a lioness. According to our guide it appeared to him that we had stumbled upon a mating pair and the loser of the battle for the attention of the lioness.

In the heat of the mid-day sun, everything was pretty quiet on the savannah.

Bateleur (Terathopius ecaudatus)

Circling vultures led us to a rotting carcass and gave us the opportunity to view vultures up close and personal.

Ruppell’s Vulture (Gyps ruppellii)

As zebras mature, their stripes change from brown to black.

When we returned to our room at the end of this all-day safari outing, we found a gecko guarding our location for us.

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