African Safari – Masai Mara Early Morning Game Drive

African Safari – Masai Mara Early Morning Game Drive

While waiting for the start of our morning game drive, I laid down on the grass and honed my skills on an interesting looking locust-type insect. Then it was out into the Masai Mara for the day. I wasn’t completely awake yet so had some trouble deciding which end should be in focus :-).

I kept asking the lions to do something exciting but all they would do was yawn or look absolutely tired of our presence.

Meanwhile birds of prey were circling overhead or just perching in the nearby trees.

Ruppell’s Vulture (Gyps ruppellii)

Since the lions didn’t appear to be interested in entertaining us will a big kill, we headed over to another section of the Masai Mara. The traffic circle was a bit crowded but we managed to get through and on our way.

Topi Antelope

Secretary Bird (Sagittarius serpentarius)

Although seeing the lions earlier in the morning was definitely exciting, the highlight of the morning had to be the two cheetahs that let us get in quite close while they were getting a drink of water before heading back out to look for something to chase.

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