Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Election Posters on a post and the price of gas. Gas prices are price per gallon (US) in Dominican pesos (1US$=36pesos)
Election Posters on a post and the price of gas.

Nothing to do with electioneering. Just a bend in the road.
Not electioneering, just a bend in the road

Sugar cane is a very important crop both as an export as raw sugar and as a base of a thriving rum industry.
One of several sugar facories seen along the route.

Sun was just going down when our bus stopped for another washroom break at yet another tourist gift shop along the highway. I had no interest in souvenirs so took the opportunity to run across the divided highway and take a couple of pictures of this baseball practice. Brought back memories of a long time ago when I played well enough to be asked to play on a provincial all-star baseball team and considered trying out for a spot on a professional farm club roster. (actually a very long time ago LOL)

Once the fellow on third base realized that I would catch any balls that he threw over the head of the catcher at home plate, I was in the game. Put my camera down on the ground and had a great few minutes shagging balls that the catcher couldn’t reach and then had to head back to the bus and back to the resort.

From Wiki: Shagging describes the act of catching fly balls in the outfield when not involved in actual baseball games. Pitchers may do this during batting practice before games. In the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby, children are recruited as shaggers in order to field balls that do not go out as a home run. Also, during batting practice anywhere, “shagging balls” describes the act of catching and gathering up balls that are thrown back to the pitching area, usually by a player standing near the pitcher.

"Shagging balls" - Dominican Republic

"Shagging Baseballs" - Dominican Republic



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