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DSC_3331 - Verona BannerWelcome To Verona! A city by any other name would still be the setting for which Romeo and Juliet was based. We rolled into this small but tourist crowed Italian town on a cloudy day, fortunately staving off rain for our visit.

DSC_3339 - Crop We had to walk towards Juliet’s Balcony, the end-goal of our short stop over. Across cobble stone roads and past coliseums and quaint buildings. DSC_3375 - Verona Streets - Cropped

Juliet’s Balcony is in a small courtyard off a merchant street, and it is buzzing with tourists, its nice balcony with only a view of the court for which its located; due to the high nature of all the surrounding buildings. Not 100% sure where Romeo was suppose to hid out here to meet with her in the play, but alas I digress.

DSC_3346 - Juliet's Balcony - Verona

After the balcony, the other tourist activity is to line up to touch the statue of Juliet; rub her bosom to be exact, an apparent local culture task for luck in love.

DSC_3353 - Lady Juliet - Verona - CropOn our way back we pasted by some additional sculptures, it seems people riding horses continues to be a popular theme in European road statues.  DSC_3337 - web

Finally we had to wait on the bus for our pick-up, it did sprinkle a little bit but tall buildings and being on the protected side allowed up to stay mostly dry.

DSC_3363 - web

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