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Venice – City of Canals

DSC_3729 - Venice Catherdral in DayVenice, one of the cities I really wanted to see on this trip to Europe. For one reason, because of its unique canal structure and flare, and secondly its sinking. Although I’m not into all that hype about it actually going underwater in the Adriatic anytime soon, I’m sure at some point they will have to start to combat the problem and that could turn this iconic city into a construction zone for a while, best to get in before that happens.

DSC_3050 - Itinerary

I don’t normally post the itinerary for our Contiki Inspiration Tour, but for Venice I am because we aren’t actually staying in Venice itself, rather a road motel on the mainland, so your “free time” is more limited and you don’t want to miss the boat – quite literally (see boat below).

DSC_3390 - Boat to Venice

First stop was the  Piazza San Marco which due to the rain (that we escaped in Verona) ended up being quite wet. DSC_3460 Venice

Not Everyone on the tour was prepared for Rain in the conventional meaning, but one has to admit, garbage in the pocket does have a variety of uses and is lightweight and easy to carry. DSC_3666 - Make Shift Rain Gear

From the Piazza we went to our Venetian Glass Blowing Demo, where the glass blowing master made a glass horse from scratch (then proceeded to add a bit penis on it – sigh Contiki).

DSC_3443 - Venitian Glass Blowing Demo

After that we had lunch and wondered around a bit, the streets were easy to navigate and offered up numerous ways to get from point a to point b.

DSC_3431 - Venice Walkway

DSC_3447 - Canal in Venice    DSC_3549 - Venice - Sestier De S. Polo

Finally we regrouped for our Gondola rides, which was quite nice and rumors of being close to the water and it smelling awful did not come true (I guess that’s a good thing from the rain).

DSC_3661 - Venice Gondolas

DSC_3712 Venice Canal Bridge

Next was Dinner, as I had opted out of the dinner I grabbed a Calzone and drink (Cost 8€) and headed out to do some long-exposure night photography before meeting up with the rest of the tour group at the Bridge of Sighs.

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