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Mud Lake Outing – Ottawa Flickr Group

Flickr Group Outing - Mud Lake, Ottawa, Ontario

Mud Lake Outing – Ottawa Flickr Group

Note: I was using a Nikon 10.5 mm lens quite often this day and the curvature in some of the shots was quite intentional.

What started out as a potentially very damp day, turned out to be just fine as the rain stopped shortly after we arrived at the Mud Lake parking lot. Every so often a breeze would whisk through the overhead branches and wet leaves would drop their burden on the photographers below.
Ready for the weather. Mud Lake trail Bending Trees
"Am I in the photo yet?" says Paul A well photographed Mud Lake bridge. Dragonflies Ottawa Flickerites at Mud Lake, Ottawa, Ontario

Some shots are harder to explain than others.

On a previous visit, I had photographed the Mud Lake Synchronized Diving team operating with only one diving board ;-). This time around, I was unable to find the diving team but the Mud Lake Synchronized Swimming Team were happy to provide assistance to me in my search for the missing divers.
Mud Lake Synchronized Swimming Team

Fungi on a Tree Grass Red Polypore on a Woodpecker's tree

The various fungi can add a bit of colour to the forest walk, but sometimes it is difficult to photograph them well (if at all) when the light is diminished by a canopy of leaves.

Take what looks like a dried out bit of yellow scale on a log, add a bit of rain at this time of the year and a few hours later, presto, Witches’ Butter, a gelatinous fruiting body of one of the Heterobasidiomycetes family of woodland fungi. I think that this particular one is Tremella mesenterica or Dacrymyces palmatus but I could be wrong. And if red is more your colour, how about a wonderful red polypore still glistening from the recent rainfall.
Witches' Butter

Red Polypore

Female Downy Woodpecker - Picoides pubescens A Little Wet Behind the Ears

Great Blue Heron in the Reeds

Mud Lake style lessons in using colour for identification purposes 🙂

Just Yelllow
This is a yellow flower.

Flickr Mud Lake Outing, September 14,  2008 - Eastern Grey Squirrel - Sciurus carolinensisBut this is a Grey Squirrel that just happens to be black (melanistic)

Leopard Frog - Rana pipiens Leopard Frog - Rana Pipiens - Brown version Leopard Frog - Rana pipiens Leopard Frog - Rana pipiens

And most times Northern Leopard Frogs are described in field guides as being green (or sometimes brown) and having black spots. Apparently some of them don’t read the guide or are trying to make a fashion statement :-).

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