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An outing in Toronto parks

An outing in Toronto parks

My day started out with a few photographs around Yonge and Eglington in Toronto, followed with a lunch with some family and friends. Then I met up with Ron Dunnington (Property #1 on Flickr) to go out to Edwards Gardens to see what we could see. The flowers were nice but the excitement was provided by the Ebony Jewelwing Damselflies (Calopteryx maculata) that gave the two of us our monies worth of photographic opportunities.

Fellow photographer, Ron Dunnington, had been to this park often and had some favourite shots that he liked to take at different times and so at moments like this he was immersed in thought and oblivious to anything around him :-).

While he was photographing some favourite buildings, I continued to focus on the flora and fauna.

The exciting moment , for both of us, when, after wandering around for a while we came to a spot where a large grouping of Ebony Jewelwing damselflies were mating bay a small stream. When lighting conditions are right, this damselfly just sparkles in the sunlight and its undulating butterfly-like flight is a joy to watch.

Once we had had our fill of Ebony Jewelwings (if that is ever possible), Ron drove me back to my hotel. We arrived just after the fire trucks arrived so I couldn’t get back to my room until the firefighters had dealt with a small garbage can type fire (no serious damage done)

Waiting for the fire trucks to leave, I wandered around the grounds looking for more things to photograph and wasn’t disappointed by the local ‘weeds’. 🙂

My wife had hoped to get out to do a bit more shopping but with all of the excitement of the fire trucks and the delay that that caused, she was only able to get to the signs of the sales and not into the stores. We ended the evening with a nice meal instead.

By Ron

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