Paris, France

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris – getting there was half the fun or at least it should have been 🙁 . Unfortunately, the day of our flight, there was a switch to daylight saving time zone or some such occurrence and the North American airlines forgot to tell the European Airlines. The result, flight schedules didn’t match and the wild scramble at the airports to re-book flights, shuffle passengers onto other airlines, re-book connecting flights many miles away by standing in airport queues, etc., just to get across the ocean and then redo the whole process once on the ground in Europe, began in earnest. I realized fairly quickly what had happened with our flight arrangements and rushed to start the re-booking process to make sure that we had a connecting flight booked when we eventually got across the Atlantic. The easy part was estimating that we would be one hour later in arriving. The more difficult part was booking without knowing the schedules or what complications we might encounter on the other side of the Atlantic. I was able to get connecting flights booked so ended up in Paris only an hour or two later than planned. I can assume that others were not so lucky.

This blog entry is a quick compilation of images from a few days. I’ll fill in the blanks later.

As we walked along the Quai alongside the Seine River, many of these permanent stalls were not open while we were visiting Paris (mid-March) but those that were open offered a potpourri of items from posters to post cards to new books to old books to everything in between.

Permanent stalls along the Quai

I was totally amazed that certain tour bus operators were able to navigate through some of these narrow openings but as the sun set the lights began to glitter

Narrow Paris Street An Evening in Paris

Nightime in Paris

Although I understand French, some sign combinations left me wondering what to do next but no one seemed to follow the signs anyway so I just followed the crowd :-).

Pietons Attention

Window Shopping Looked like a great pair of boots but what would you think if you met someone wearing one brown boot and one black boot 🙂 and for just 149Euro!!

Now if the window display had been camera equipment that would have been of a lot more interest to me !!! :-).

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