Paris, France

Looking for a bit of English literature, try looking for it in Paris, France.

Shakespeare and Company

Being used to North American sized cars parking in North American sized parking spots it was interesting to see that shoe horn parking was in vogue in Paris. One might expect that if you get into a shorter car there might be more space in front and behind. As can be seen by the white line on the road behind the black Smart car, this driver was occupying the back half of the marked parking spot. Another car was squeezed in front of this car. And then for those who wear suits to work and don’t want to bother parking on crowded streets there appeared to be a solution for that, too – a motorcycle with seat belt and full overhead fairing.

Parking in Paris Smart Car Parking Executive Style Motorcycling

An interesting sign Signs always interest me especially if they seem out of place. Although I knew what the translation was for this big red one, it took me a while to realize that the sign was attached to a wall that opened like a gate to allow entry and egress from an inner courtyard. Something like what you might see in a spy movie!

Monnaie de Paris - Museum Despite the switch over to Euros they insisted that they didn’t have any spare Francs left lying around for tourists to help with the cost of Parisian wining and dining. The Museum was an interesting diversion.

Lac Daumesnil, Paris France
Located a short walk from the Port Doree Station, this lake and its surrounding parkland provides a nice diversion. A little rowboat ferry service and boat rental operates at one end of Lac Dausmesnil in case you don’t feel like walking back to the bridge at the other end of the island.

Lac Daumesnil, Paris, France

Gone Fishing Relaxing on the Banks of Lac Daumesnil Cocker Spaniel

Rowboats in Waiting

Porte Dorée Aquarium, Paris, France
The public aquarium in Porte Dorée is an interesting combination of saltwater and freshwater exhibits and only a short walk from the Porte Dorée station.

Napoleon - Port Dorée Aquarium The Reef - Port Dorée  Aquarium

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