Not an mp3 fanatic yet but might become one as MP3 album prices continue to feature sales – MP3s on sale at Amazon


What I have in my Cassette collection.

Greetings From Timbuk3

1 The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades
1 Life Is Hard
1 Hairstyles And Attitudes
1 Facts About Cats
1 I Need You
2 Just Another Movie
2 Friction
2 Cheap Black &White
2 Shame On You
2 I Love You In The Strangest Way

Eden Alley

1 Tarzan Was A Bluesman
1 Easy
1 Reckless Driver
1 Dance Fever
1 Sample The Dog
1 Too Much Sex, Not Enough Affection
2 Welcome To The Human Race
2 Eden Alley
2 Rev. Jack and His Roamin’ Cadillac Church
2 A Sinful Life
2 Little People Make Big Mistakes
2 Reprise (Don’t Stop Now)

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