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A short summary from Wiki:
Darrin O’Brien (born October 30, 1969), better known by his stage name Snow, is a Juno Award-winning Canadian rap and reggae musician. He is best known for his 1992 single “Informer”, which reached No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100
(More information from Wiki here: Wiki – Snow)

Not an mp3 fanatic yet but might become one as MP3 album prices continue to feature sales – MP3s on sale at Amazon

Search for Snow records, cassettes and CDs on EBay
Vinyl – none located January 11, 2012
Cassettes – none located January 11, 2012
CDs – none located January 11, 2012
Snow Memorabilia on EBay – none located January 11, 2012

What Snow music I have in my collection

12 inches of Snow

1 Runway
1 Champion Sound
1 Lonely Monday Morning
1 Drunken Styles
1 Girl, I’ve Been Hurt
1 Hey Pretty Love
2 Informer
2 Creative Child
2 Lady With The Red Dress
2 Uhh In You
2 Can’t Get Enough
2 Ease Up

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