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The Irish Rovers
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – THE IRISH ROVERS)
The Irish Rovers is a Canadian Irish folk group created in 1963 and named after the traditional song “The Irish Rover”. The group is best known for their recording of Shel Silverstein’s “The Unicorn” in 1967. The primary voices heard in the group’s early songs were Will Millar (tenor) and Jimmy Ferguson (baritone).All of the band members are from either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Founding member George Millar and his cousin Ian are both from Ballymena, long-time group member Wilcil McDowell is from Larne, Sean O’Driscoll from Cork, with John Reynolds and percussionist Fred Graham both from Belfast rounding out the lineup.

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What The Irish Rovers music I have in my cassette collection.

Silver Anniversary

1 What Wid Ye Do
1 Mick Maguire
1 McDonald’s Raiders
1 Reels:
1 Pigeon On The Gate
1 The Teetotlar
1 Castle Of Dromore
1 Rare Old Mountain Dew
1 Maggie Mae
1 Mama Was A Moonshine Man
1 New York Gals
1 The Unicorn
2 Come And Dance To Paddy’s Reels
2 Song Of The Antrim Coast
2 Jigs:
2 The Frost Is All Over
2 The Rakes Of Kildare
2 I Will If I Can
2 The Flower Of Sweet Strabane
2 The Shores Of Americay
2 Maid OF Fife-O
2 Summertime Is Coming
2 Sweet Jazz Babies
2 Come By The Hills
2 Wasn’t That A Party


1 All Sing Together
1 Addy On The Turnpike
1 Belfast
1 Buy Us A Drink
1 First Day On The Somme
2 Mama’s Got A Squeezebaox
2 Don’t Fly Away
2 Down By The Sally Garden
2 Finnegan’s Wake
2 The Other Side OF The Evening

The Irish Rovers Greatest Hits

1 The Unicorn
1 The Biplane Evermore
1 Rhymes and Reasons
1 Years May Come, Years May Go
1 The Orange And The Green
1 Black Velvet Band
1 Goodbye Mre. Durkin
1 Donald Where’s Your Trousers
1 (The Puppet Song) Whiskey On A Sunday
1 Lily The Pink
2 Mrs. Crandall’s Boarding House
2 The Minstrel Of Cranberry Lane
2 Farewell To Nova Scotia
2 The Wind That Shakes The Corn
2 Bonnie Lellswater
2 My Old Man’s A Dustman
2 Nancy Whiskey
2 Goodnight Irene
2 Liverpool Lou
2 Winken’ Blinken’ and Nod

The Best Of The Irish Rovers

1 The Unicorn
1 Liverpool Lou
1 The Orange And The Green
1 Lily The Pink
1 Did She Mention My Name
1 The Irish Rover
1 Whiskey On A Sunday
1 The Biplane … Ever More
1 Mrs. Crandall’s Boarding House
2 Winken’ Blinken’ and Nod
2 Goodbye Mrs. Durkin
2 The Black Velvet Band
2 Years May Come, Years May Go
2 The Marvelous Toy
2 Goodbye Nick and Goodbye Pat
2 Nancy Whiskey

The Best of the Irish Rovers (MCA label)

1 The Unicorn
1 The Biplane, Evermore
1 The Orange & The Green
1 (The Puppet Song (Whiskey on a Sunday)
1 Black Velvet Band
2 Pennywhistler Peddler
2 Lily The pink
2 Rhymes and Reasons
2 Years May Come, Years May Go
2 Goodbye Mrs. Durkin

The Rovers Twentieth Anniversary Celebration (1)

1 The Unicorn
1 Whiskey On A Sunday
1 The Biplane, Evermore
1 Orange And Green
1 Puff The Magic Dragon
1 Waltzing matilda
1 Wild Colonial Boy
1 South Australia
1 Gone By The Hills
1 The Drovers Dream
1 The Pub With No Beer
1 Queensland Drovers
1 When The Shipyards Go Back On Full Time
2 Black Velvet Band
2 The Passing Of The Gale
2 Yellow Gals
2 Dublin O’Shea
2 The Spey and Spate (Irish Reel – Instrumental)
2 Valparaiso
2 Wild Rover No More
2 Barley Mow
2 The Overlanders
2 Road To Gundagai
2 Sydney Harbour Ferry Boat
2 Snoopy Versus Red Baron
2 Bluenose
2 Cape Anne

The Rovers Twentieth Anniversary Celebration (2)

1 Wasn’t That A Party
1 Movie Cowboys
1 No More Bread And Butter
1 Class Of ’69
1 The Other Side Of The Sun
1 Mexican Girl
1 Tara
1 Sunny Sydney Lady
1 New York Girls
1 The Day The Tall Ships Came
1 10,000 Miles Away
2 Blow The Man Down
2 Step It Out Mary
2 Sloop John B
2 Morning Town Ride
2 Rio Grande
2 Botany Bay
2 Lord Of The Dance
2 What Wid Ye Do
2 I’m A Rambler
2 Sweet Thames Slow Softly
2 Windy Old Weather
2 We’ll Rant And We’ll Roar

The Rovers

1 Mexican Girl
1 Yo Yo Man
1 Tara
1 Matchstick Men
1 Pheasant Pluckers Son
2 Wasn’t That A Party
2 Fireflyte
2 Movie Cowboys – Happy Trails
2 Victory Chimes
2 Here’s To The Horses

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