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Kenny Rogers
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Kenneth Donald “Kenny” Rogers (born August 21, 1938) is an American singer-songwriter, photographer, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. Though he has been most successful with country audiences, he has charted more than 120 hit singles across various music genres and topping the country and pop album charts for more than 200 individual weeks in the United States alone. Two of his albums, The Gambler and Kenny, are featured in the poll of “The 200 Most Influential Country Albums Ever”. He was voted the “Favorite Singer of All-Time” in a 1986 joint poll by readers of both USA Today and People. He has received hundreds of awards for both his music and charity work. These include AMAs, Grammys, ACMs and CMAs, as well as a lifetime achievement award for a career spanning six decades in 2003.

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Love Or Something Like It

1 Love Or Something Like It
1 There’s A Lot Of That Going Around
1 Buried Treasures
1 Something About Your Song
1 Momma’s Waiting
2 We Could Have Been The Closest Of Friends
2 Sail Away
2 Even A Fool Would Let Go
2 Highway Flyer
2 Starting Again

The Heart Of The Matter

1 I Don’t Want To Have To Worry
1 The Heart Of The Matter
1 You Made Me Feel Love
1 Morning Desire
1 Don’t Look Me In My Eyes
2 The Best Of Me
2 Tomb Of The Unknown Love
2 People In Love
2 I Can’t Believe Your Eyes
2 Our Perfect Song

Daytime Friends

1 Daytime Friends
1 Desperado
1 Rock And Roll Man
1 Lying Again
1 My World Begins And Ends With You
1 Am I Too Late
2 Sweet Music Man
2 We Don’t Make Love Anymore
2 Ghost Of Another Man
2 Let Me Sing For You
2 I’ll Just Write My Music And Sing My Songs

The Gambler

1 The Gambler
1 I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again
1 King Of Oak Street
1 Making Music For Money
1 The Hoodooin’ Of Miss Fannie Deberry
2 She Believes In Me
2 Tennessee Bottle
2 Sleep Tight, Goodnight Man
2 A Little More Like Me (The Crucifixion)
2 San Francisco Mabel Joy
2 Morgana Jones

We’ve Got Tonight

1 We’ve Got Tonight (With Sheena Easton)
1 Scarlet Fever
1 Farther I Go
1 No Dreams
1 Bad Enough
2 All My Life
2 How Long
2 Love, Love, Love
2 What I Learned Form Loving You
2 You Are So Beautiful

Ten Years Of Gold

1 Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town
1 Reuben James
1 But You Know I Love You
1 Something’s Burning
1 While The Feeling’s Good
2 Lucille
2 Daytime Friends
2 Love Lifted Me
2 Today I Started Loving You Again
2 Just Dropped In


1 You Turn The Light On
1 You Decorated My Life
1 She’s A Mystery
1 Good-Bye Marie
1 Tulsa Turnaround
1 I Want To Make You Smile
2 Santiago Midnight Moonlight
2 One Man’s Woman
2 In And Out Of Your Heart
2 Old Folks
2 Coward Of The Country

Something Inside So Strong

1 Planet Texas
1 (Something Inside) So Strong
1 If I Knew Then What I Knew Now (Gladys Knight duet)
1 One Night
1 There Lies The Difference
2 If I Ever Fall In Love Again (Anne Murray Duet)
2 When You Put Your Heart In It
2 The Vows Go Unbroken (Always True To You)
2 Maybe (Holly Dunn duet)
2 Love The Way You Do

Love Will Turn You Around

1 Love Will Turn You Around
1 A Love Song
1 Fightin` Fire With Fire
1 If You Can Lie A Little Bit
1 Somewhere Between Lovers And Friends
2 Take This Heart
2 Maybe You Should Know
2 I`ll Take Care Of You
2 The Fool IN Me
2 I Want A Son

Kenny Rogers and The First Edition Greatest Hits

1 Something’s Burning
1 Reuben James
1 I Believe In Music
1 Love Woman
1 Tell It All Brother
2 Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town
2 But You Know I Love You
2 Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
2 Momma’s Waiting
2 Heed The Call

Love Lifted Me

1 Love Lifted Me
1 Medley:
1 Abraham, Martin and John Precious Memories
1 I Woul Like To See You Again
1 Runaway Girl
1 You Gotta Be Tired
2 The World Needs A Melody
2 While The Feeling’s Good
2 Heavenly Sunshine
2 There’s An Old Man In Our Town
2 Home-Made Love

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