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The Payolas (or Payola$) were part of Vancouver’s new wave of bands and active in the Canadian music scene for a decade from the late 1970s, recording several albums and singles that were Canadian chart hits. They disbanded in 1988, but reformed again from 2003 to 2008, issuing a new EP in 2007. The band’s name is a reference to the payola scandal in the United States in the early 1960s. The group was based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and recorded mostly at Vancouver’s Little Mountain Sound Studios

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What Payolas music I have in my cassette collection.

No Stranger To Danger

1 Romance
1 Eyes OF A Stranger
1 Some Old Song
1 Rose
1 Hastings Street
2 Youth
2 Lights To Change
2 Mystery To Me
2 Pennies Into Gold
2 Screaming
2 Rockers

Hammer On A Drum

1 I’ll Find Another (Sho Can Do It Right)
1 Where I This Love
1 Wild West
1 Perhaps Some Day
1 Never Said I Loved You
2 No Prisoners
2 Christmas Is Coming
2 I Am A City
2 Hungry
2 People Who Have Great Lives

Here’s The World For Ya

1 Stuck In The Rain
1 You’re The Only Love
1 It Won’t Be You
1 Cruel Hearted overs
1 It Must Be Love
2 Little Boys
2 All That I Want
2 Here’s The World
2 Rhythm Slaves
2 Never Leave This Place

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